Random Tips for Your Next Paddling Trip

Whether you’re new to paddling or you’ve been paddling for a while, we’ve put together some random tips and ideas that could change your world 😊

• A flyscreen at the tent door will aid in keeping sand out of the tent.

• Talcum powder works a treat to get sand off your feet.

• Luci lights are solar powered and waterproof, so are great to charge on the deck of your craft while paddling.

• Many air beds placed directly on the tent floor squeak when you move. Put the air bed into a sleeping bag inner, preferably silk, and the noise stops. This also gives you a sheet to sleep on if it is hot.

• Leave a set of ear plugs wrapped up in your tent. You never know when you might need them!

• When packing rolled up items like tents or sleeping mats in dry bags, after rolling tightly, keep them tight by wrapping a piece of double-sided velcro around the roll. This makes it much easier to get the item inside the dry bag, especially if it’s a tight fit.

• Carry a set of carry straps, you never know when you may have to carry your craft a long distance, especially on multi day trips.

• Face wipes work well to help you feel fresh at the end of the day if no water is available.

If you have any tips that you would like to share, please email them to education@paddle.org.au.

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