ICF Launches Web Page Just For Kids

The International Canoe Federation in collaboration with British Canoeing has launched a new web page “Canoe Kids”, for the millions of kids around the world who are counting down the days until they can jump in a canoe and go out for a paddle.

To help them pass the time, the web page is especially dedicated to the younger members of the community who love canoeing or simply want to learn more about it.

Canoe Kids features activities suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers who love getting out the crayons and colouring in, to bored schoolkids who can test themselves with a quiz, design a racing bib, spot the difference or challenge themselves with a word search.

The page will be updated regularly, and new activities will be added so kids will never be able to complain of being bored. And the ICF would love to see your work – who knows, your work may end up on the Planet Canoe web page!

Canoe Kids will feature all the disciplines which come under the umbrella of the ICF, so there will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about new canoe sports which kids can try when it is safe to get back on the water.

So the next time the kids complain they have nothing to do, you know where to point them – Canoe Kids, the new home for sporty children on the web 

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