UPDATE: PA Canoe Marathon Competition Rules

The Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon Technical Committee have completed a comprehensive review of the Paddle Australia Canoe Marathon Competition Rules.
The revised rules can be located HERE
Some of the changes to the PA Canoe Marathon Competition Rules:
        • Renumbering of Rules
        • Renaming from Australian Canoeing to Paddle Australia including abbreviations
        • Rule 6 – Age groups (these are now uniform across all PA disciplines)
        • Rule 11.1 – Addition of the use of weed deflectors
        • Rule 12 – Revision of pathway for Canoe Marathon officials
        • Repeal Bid to Host PA Canoe Marathon Championships
        • Rule 15 – Merger of rules on Safety and Risk Management to one location to save repetition
        • Rule 25 – Removal of International and Touring (Recreation) Trophies
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