Paddle Australia Event Entry Waiver Updated


Why is there an event entry waiver?

Paddle Australia, our State Paddle Associations and our affiliated Clubs offer a range of fantastic events, competitions and programs to both members and non-members alike.  You can get a feel for many of these great events by checking out the event browser and the calendar on the Paddle Australia website.

As you are aware, organisers of such events and programs require participants to sign an Event Entry Waiver so that they are aware of the terms and conditions under which they are participating.

As we move to housing event registration in GoMembership – the new Paddle Australia Membership and Events Portal – this is one of the documents that all people who have a profile in the system agree to when they

(a) access their existing member profile for the first time in GoMembership or
(b) create a new profile to purchase a membership or enter an event.

By agreeing to the Event Entry Waiver at this time, it becomes binding across all events entered via GoMembership.

How has the event waiver changed?

Paddle Australia has taken the opportunity, off the back of recent air quality issues that threatened the running of events, to revisit and update the wording in our standard Event Entry Waiver that relates to prevailing conditions.  At the same time, the wording relating to insurance was updated to be clear that it is not just members who have insurance but also anyone that has paid the Non-Member Single Event Fee that is required for specified events.  This new Event Entry Waiver comes into effect on 1 March 2020.

How is the event waiver implemented?

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that the Event Entry Waiver is signed by all participants. This is a simple process for event registrations through GoMembership, as explained above. If your State Paddle Association or Club is yet to migrate their event registration to GoMembership, they will need to manage the provision and signing of the Event Entry Waiver through a locally managed process. Clubs will be required to send completed Event Entry Waivers to their State Paddle Association.

It is important that the Event Entry Waiver is signed (physically or electronically agreed to) and, for non-members, the Non-Member Single Event entry fee paid, otherwise insurances could be void for the individual and/or event organiser.

If you are unsure if you have agreed to the Event Entry Waiver for a particular event, please contact your event organiser.

For more information, please contact your Club, State Paddle Association (click here for contact details) or Paddle Australia on 02 9763 0670.

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