2020 Canoe Slalom Age Champs Start Today

There will be plenty of paddling action at the Upper Mersey Whitewater course when the Paddle Australia 2020 Canoe Slalom Age Championships get underway today. The event features the very best of Australia’s slalom paddlers with the competition including entries for both the Junior’s and Master’s events.

Race Director, Peter Eckhardt said that training sessions made up the main activities on Thursday and Friday morning with competitors using every opportunity to get vital practice on the course before the first race Friday afternoon.

“The first official race will be the Team’s event which kicks off at 3pm on Friday afternoon, 3 January, he said.

“Team’s events can be a quite exciting and require considerable technical skill and high levels of coordination to ensure that all members of the team complete the course within 15 seconds of each other.

“The second race of the meet will get underway on Saturday morning with the Men’s C1, Women’s K1 and Men’s C2 events scheduled between 8.30am and 12.30pm.

“Saturday afternoon’s session will see the reverse format featuring Men’s K1, Women’s C1 and Women’s C2 races taking place between 2pm and 5pm.

“Sunday will wrap up the official program with the National Club and School’s completion taking place between 8.30am and 1pm, he said.

The 2020 Canoe Slalom Age Championships is the first national slalom event to be held on the Upper Mersey River course since the 2016 floods which wiped out huge sections of the road leading up to the course and bushfires which destroyed the pervious slalom course infrastructure.

Of course, these events could not take place without the support of event sponsors and volunteers. We are very grateful for the support offered by Hydro Tasmania, the Tasmanian State Government through Events Tasmania and Communities, Sport and Recreation, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport.
The 2020 event is organised by Paddle Tasmania in partnership with Paddle Australia (PA).

For more information about Paddle Australia and the 2020 Slalom Age Champs, please go to our website at: https://slalomage.paddle.org.au/

Results will be posted here: https://slalomage.paddle.org.au/#live-results

Photo credit www.instagram.com/hupsandowns

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