Canoe Sprint National Talent Squad Announced

Paddle Australia has announced the 2019/20 Canoe Sprint National Talent Squad (NTS), which follows the selection of the Under 16 and Junior National teams after the National Canoe Sprint Championships in March.

Paddle Australia’s (PA) – Canoe Sprint National Talent Squad (NTS) aims to provide ongoing support for athletes selected as members of the 2019, Under 16 and Junior (U18) National Teams, plus additional identified talented athletes. Congratulations all!

The NTS initiative aims to assist in athlete preparation towards a higher international performance, through provision of coaching expertise, training opportunities, performance support, athlete education and exposure to high performance environments and practices.

About the Canoe Sprint NTS initiative

Canoe Sprint NTS athletes may at times benefit from a range of activities including:

  • Paddling sessions/clinics/camps with State Institute and Academy of Sport coaches and squads and access to coaching support from Performance Pathway Hub Coaches.
  • International competition and tour support.
  • Domestic camp support – for athletes identified in national teams and squads.
  • Athlete wellbeing and engagement workshops.
  • Introduction and access to Strength and Conditioning and ongoing support which

    may include programs and lifting technique reviews and evaluation.

  • Introduction and exposure to high performance training procedures and

    additional performance support

See official announcement here: 2019.2020 National Talent Squad – NTS.

2019 / 2020 National Talent Squad


U16 MEN:

Alderson, Jeremy (WA) 2003

Allen, Ashby (NSW) 2003

Hardwick, Daniel (QLD) 2004

Hyde, Tim (WA) 2004

Schooley, Toby (NSW) 2003


Bates, Demi (SA) 2004

Brown, Harriet (WA) 2003

Clarke, Riley (NSW) 2003

Good-Gerne, Angelina (WA) 2003

Richardson, Chaise (QLD) 2003

Rupenovic, Isabelle (NSW) 2003

Burchard, Lauren (SA) (Canoe) 2003

Donnelly, Rachel (SA) (Canoe) 2004


U18 MEN:

*Brodhurst-Hill, Carter (QLD) 2001

Egger, Luke (WA) 2002

*Kneebone-Ellis, Jesse (SA) 2001

*Koekemoer, Tinus (NSW) 2001

*Kucharski, Daniel (SA) 2001

*Newton, Eli (NSW) 2001

Sheppard, Jarrah (NSW) 2002

*Wilson, Kobe (WA) 2001

Additional Selections:

**Armstrong, Fletcher (NSW) 2002

Boldy, Noah (WA) 2004

Loughry, Lincoln (SA) 2002

Tucker, Oliver (SA) 2004


*Fay, Alicia (QLD) 2001

*Karlen, Kailey (NSW) 2001

Massie, Jenaya (QLD) 2002

*Ray, Yasemin (WA) 2001

*Schoene, Ashlee (SA) 2001

Smyth, Charli (SA) 2002

Van der Kwartel, Alisa (NSW) 2002

Vesely, Nicci (NSW) 2002

*Webber, Caitlin (SA) 2001

Wills-Grace, Phoebe (QLD) 2002

Alexis, Harriette (WA) 2002

Locke, Jasmine (NSW) 2002

Lund, Ava (QLD) 2004

*Last year U18, 2019 – NTS support provided until final U18 International competition in 2019

** Returning from injury


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