Paddle Australia Athletes Part of ASADA Education Team To Spread Anti-Doping Message

ASADA engages athletes to spread anti-doping message

A new team of elite, current and former Australian athletes have been engaged by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) to be education presenters around the country. The new program includes three Paddle Australia athletes with national team paddlers Jaime Roberts (WA), Alyce Burnett (QLD) and Noemie Fox (NSW) joining the education team last month.

This is the first time ASADA has employed athletes to be education presenters. ASADA has chosen a mix of 17 athletes and teachers to spread the anti-doping message because athletes are more likely to relate to people who they see as their contemporaries.

In preparation for their task, the mix of current and former athletes was put through a three-day training session at the ASADA headquarters in Canberra.

Once they have completed their training, they will then be tasked with educating Australian sportspeople through ASADA’s education programs.

“It’s great that ASADA has brought current and ex-elite athletes to present the anti-doping education program. This is a world first. We can use our experiences as athletes, paired with the knowledge that ASADA has to educate fellow athletes about clean and fair sport,” Jaime Roberts said.

“ASADA is a lot more complex than I first thought and now I have a great appreciation for what they do and I’m really looking forward to this opportunity,” Roberts added.

ASADA CEO David Sharpe says it’s a major development in the way anti-doping education programs are delivered in Australia from the elite through to the grassroots and schools.

“This is an important step forward with athletes delivering anti-doping programs and shows how ASADA is working with athletes to ensure the messaging is effective,” Mr Sharpe says.

The Minister for Sport, the Hon Bridget McKenzie, says the Government is committed to ensuring that Australia is a world leader in clean, safe and fair sport.

“It’s fantastic that we have former and current elite athletes with first-hand knowledge and experience ready to help educate other athletes on anti-doping messages,” Minister McKenzie says. “We want Australians to know that competitions and athletes are all competing on a level playing field and that families and kids can all look up to their sporting heroes.”

This is message that resonates with Rio Olympian Alyce Burnett, who is passionate about clean sport and education around it, “I’m very passionate about clean sport and am so excited to help share that message. I want all athletes, current and future, to be able to line up at any event and look to the left and right of them and know and trust all of the athletes they are racing are playing fair,” Burnett said.

“After our initial training with ASADA my eyes have been opened to not only the organisations capabilities but the passion for clean sport that each and every employee has.  ASADA is undoubtedly a leader within the Anti-Doping Agencies worldwide and is doing so much work with other National bodies to help educate and increase their capabilities which is also great to see. ”

Find out more about ASADAS work and helpful material on the website here:

A parents guide to clean sport can be found here:

ICF makes doping education course now compulsory

In addition, to ASADA activities nationally, it is important to note for any athletes wanting to compete at ICF competitions that the International Canoe Federation has the online anti-doping education courses now made compulsory to all senior, U23 and junior international athletes across all canoeing disciplines. This is a strong stand in the fight against doping.

All international athletes are encouraged to complete this course as of now, and learn more about the importance of a clean and fair sport, about the danger of doping, and about their rights and responsibilities within the scope of the anti-doping rules.

The access to the online course and more information can be found on the ICF website, in the anti-doping and medical section: