Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup Wraps Up With Aussie Wins

The 2018 Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup wrapped up in Prado, Vila Verde, Portugal over night with Paddle Australia’s masters winning several of the K2 events on the Cavado River.

Darren Lee and Cathy Venning won the K2 Mixed 40-44 in a four-boat field in 1:34:10 and five minutes ahead of South Africa in second. Cathy Venning also placed first together with Jenni Bateman in the women’s K2 40-44 with the crew being the only entry.

Brett Greenwood and Daniela Torre took home the win in the K2 Mixed 50-54 in the five-boat field in 1:31:00 and four minutes ahead of the second placed crew from Belgium. In the K2 Mixed 65-69 Ron Clarke and Ann Lloyd-Green won, three minutes ahead of Sweden.

Already on Monday, especially Paddle Australia’s women paddlers posted top results with Cathy Venning (40-44), Lorraine Harper-Horak (60-64) and Ann Lloyd-Green (65-69) all finishing second in the K1 in their respective age groups. Jenni Bateman (40-44) and Pauline Findlay (55-59) finished third.

See all Australian results below.

All event results can be accessed here:

The 2018 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships will be up next with racing continuing on the Cavado River on Thursday, 5 September.

Paddle Australia Team Results 2018 ICF Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup

Tuesday, 2 September 2018 – K2 Results

K2 Men 50-54 22.6km

5th Darren Lee / Elio Henriques

12th Dominic Scarfe / Stuart Bryson

K2 Men 60-64 19km

2nd Peter Currie / Mark Lawson

12th Geoff Baggett / Peter Clyne

K2 Women 40-44 19km

1st Jenni Bateman / Cathy Venning

K2 Women 60-64 15.4km

3rd Dallas Newman / Lorraine Harper-Horak

K2 Mixed 40-44

1st Darren Lee / Cathy Venning

K2 Mixed 50-54

1st Brett Greenwood / Daniela Torre

K2 Mixed 55-59

2nd David Little / Pauline Findlay

K2 Mixed 65-69

1st Ron Clarke / Ann Lloyd-Green

Monday, 3 September 2018 – K1 Results

K1 Men 65-69 19km (27 starters)

12th Ron Clarke

18th Geoff Baggett

K1 Men 55-59 19km (37 starters)

12th Stuart Bryson

25th David Little

K1 Men 60-64 19km (28 starters)

6th Peter Currie

10th Mark Lawson

17th Peter Clyne

K1 Women 35-39 19km (7 starters)

4th Laura Lee

K1 Women 40-44 19km (9 starters)

2nd Cathy Venning

3rd Jenni Bateman

K1 Women 50-54 19km (12 starters)

5th Daniela Torre

K1 Women 55-59 15.4km (7 starters)

3rd Pauline Findlay

K1 Women 60-64 15.4km (7 starters)

2nd Lorraine Harper-Horak

K1 Women 65-69 15.4km (3 starters)

2nd Ann Lloyd-Green

K1 Men 45-49 22.6km (32 starters)

11th Mario Vesely

27th Darren Tye

K1 Men 50-54 22.6km (36 starters)

4th Brett Greenwood

7th Darren Lee

16th Dominic Scarfe

K1 Men 40-44 22.6km (33 starters)

9th Brad Hagan

Photos thanks to Carolyn J Cooper

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