Matthew Perrin

Matt Perrin began playing canoe polo as a teen, aged 15.

He had early opportunity to represent Australia, firstly on the U21 Australian Team in 2007, placing a respectable first at the Oceania Canoe Polo Championships, then toured Canada the following year to compete at the World Canoe Polo Championships on the U21 Men’s Team.

This set the foundation for Matt to compete on the senior Australian Mens Canoe Polo Team in Milan, 2010.

After a break from competition, Matt is back into polo more than ever!

In 2017 he captained try Canoe Polo Super League White Team in Ningo China.

In 2018, he returns to the Australian Men’s Canoe Polo Team for the 2018 World Canoe Polo Championships.

Matt is super excited for Canada a second time, and is very ready to show the world Australia is back in business after a solid building phase for the Aussie Men’s Team.

His number one tip for aspiring international athletes is to work on yourself not just in fitness and strength, but attitude. Work on developing a positive mindset and a positive picture of what’s around you.
Avoid focussing on the things you can’t change, like the weather or the crowd – focus on the things you can change, like how much effort you put in in life and training and in your preparation.

Matt’s a positive asset to the Aussie team, and when he’s not in a boat, he’s busy talking about boats as a CPSL distributor based in Australia.

Player number – #2

Canoe Club – Fairfield Canoe Club


  • 2007 – Australian U21 Men’s Team, Oceania Championships
  • 2008 – Australian U21 Men’s Team, World Championships
  • 2017 – CPSL white team, Canoe Polo Super League
  • 2017 – Australian Men’s Canoe Polo Team
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