Joshua Montalto

National Team:  Junior

DOB:  27/04/2001
Hometown:  Melbourne, Victoria
Club: Melbourne Canoe Club
Coach: Warwick Draper
Nickname: Monty

    • What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far? My biggest accomplishment so far has been qualifying for the Aus Junior team.
    • What keeps you busy outside of paddling? Year 12 is kind of important and takes up a lot of time, but I still have time to hang out with mates. So school and hanging out with friends.
    • Greatest influence on your career? Warwick. He is the coach so I have him to thank for my technique, fitness and strength. He also organises lots of camps on different water so I can get more experience paddling in different places.
    • Who inspires you? Vit Prindis. I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon, I really started following him when I bought the RAD (a kayak developed by Vit Prindis and Vavra Hradilek) and I quickly realised his style and way he approaches moves is something I want to copy and be like.
    • How would your best friend describe you? Not sure really, I haven’t asked but I’d say motivated, loyal and funny.
    • Favourite Australian personality? I don’t know, probably Chris Hemsworth. Just because he play Thor.
    • What scares you the most? Drowning. A bit ironic that I spend so much time around big water!
    • Superstitions before a race? Not really. I used to try and wear the same boardies at each race but I realised that didn’t help very much so now I don’t do anything.
    • Favourite place to paddle? Bradys Lake in Tasmania. I’ve been to a fair few courses now but the speed and power at Bradys is like nothing else and the features are really fun to play on.
    • Favourite song to paddle to? I don’t really listen to music when I paddle.

International Results

69th K1 – ICF Junior World Championships (Ivrea, ITA)
16th K1 Teams – ICF Junior World Championships (Ivrea, ITA)