Jack Choate

National Team: Junior

DOB: 10/05/2003
Perth, WA
Club: Swan Canoe Club
Coach: Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic

  • How did you get into paddling?
    Both of my parents were avid kayakers, competing in the 1999 Avon Descent together. Naturally, they put my older sisters in to the junior canoe slalom program at Swan Canoe Club, eventually leading to me picking it up.
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far?
    I consider my biggest accomplishment in the sport so far being selected for the 2019 Australian Junior Team as first boat for both K1 and C1.
  • What keeps you busy outside of paddling?What is your current Occupation and/or University degree?
    Outside of paddling, I am a Year 11 student at the School of Isolated and Distanced Education currently completing my ATAR.
  • Who is the greatest Influence on your career?
    I would say that the biggest influences on my career so far have been Daniel Watkins and Tristan Carter, two Australian Senior Team level paddlers who compete in both K1 and C1, both utilising the switch in C1. Another huge influence on my career has been my fellow Junior Team member, Daniel Shamieh, who constantly challenges me by pushing me out of my comfort zone on the water.
  • How would your best friend describe you?
    Someone who enjoys everything.
  • Do you have any superstitions before a race?
    No superstitions, but I always make sure I’ve got a song stuck in my head when I’m in the start pool to keep my hyped without thinking too much about my race.
  • What is your favourite course to paddle on?
    The Tacen White-water Course in Slovenia
  • Previous National Teams:
    2016-Present National Talent Squad, 2018-Present Australian Junior Team

Instagram: @choatejack

International Results

50th C1 – ICF Junior World Championships (Ivrea, ITA)
41st K1 – ICF Junior World Championships (Ivrea, ITA)
24th K1 Teams – ICF Junior World Championships (Ivrea, ITA)