Victoria best performing state at 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships

The 2018 Canoe Marathon Championships wrapped up at West Lakes in Adelaide on Sunday, 20 May 2018 after two days of great racing (19-20 May 2018).

With a record entry field of 384 entries the race committee had their hands full with the smooth operation of the event, which was deemed a huge success.

In perfect conditions the Open events attracted special attention with the event a selection event for the 2018 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships. Also, The ACMRTC added a non portage class for the first time which saw an increase in Master female participation at the Championships.

Spectators and competitors alike saw some exciting finishes with both the Open Men K1 and K2 being decided from the last portage to the finish.  South Australian local Glenn Rypp took home the win in the Open Men’s K1 30km in a tight finish in a time of 2:14:47.5 and only two seconds ahead of last year’s winner Josh Kippin (WA), who finished second in 2:14:49.3.  Jeremy Cotter (QLD) finished third.

The men’s K2 30km was equally tight with South Australian combination of Koyo Niokio and Glenn Rypp winning the event in 2:10:30.2 and with Josh Kippin and Logan Duttan only +0:29.8 behind.  Casey Haynes and Michael Baker finished third.

In the Open Women K1 Tegan Fraser (QLD) established a very commanding lead after the first lap and kept expanding the lead over subsequent laps to take home the win over the 26.25km in a time of 2:10:51.5 and +11:53.3 ahead of second ranked Megan Shaw from Victoria.  Sam Pilton (WA) finished third.  Victorians Isabel Neilson and Rebecca Mann won the women’s K2 26.25km, while Reka Abraham (VIC) won the women’s C1.

The U18 men’s K1 22.5km was won by Victorian Seamus Spanner, ahead of Luke Dooley from Western Australia in second and Sean Jones (VIC) in third.

The U18 women’s K1 18.75 km podium was a Victorian affair with Hannah Scott (VIC) winning the event ahead of Brianna Jones (VIC) and Rachel de Kretser (VIC) in third.

Matthew Dunbar (NSW/ACT) and Ellie Johnson (VIC) took home the Coulthart Trophy for best-performed Under 16 Male and Under 16 Female paddler.  Matthew Dunbar won both the U16 men’s K1 15km as well as the K2 15km together with partner Mitchell O’Loughlin.  Ellie Johnson won the U16 K2 15km with Hannah Lund and went on to finish second in the K1 15km behind Chelsea Beale (SA).

Victoria received the Frank Whitebrook Trophy for the State with the highest point score across all classes and also took home the International Trophy for the State with the highest point score across the international classes, i.e. K1, K2, C1, C2,

Touring and Recreation Trophy for the State with the highest point score across all touring class and recreational class classes e.g. Rec and Ski’s went to Western Australia with 18 points and only one point ahead of New South Wales and South Australia with equal points (17). Victoria was ranked fourth (12) and Queensland fifth (10).

The Graham Halford Challenge Trophy was awarded to Victoria.

The event also recognised the 2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Paddler of the Year with the 2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Paddler of the year going to Josh Kippin (WA) in the Open Male category and to Marlena Ahrens (VIC) in the Open Female category.  2017 Junior canoeist of the year (non-olympic) Erin Blanch (QLD) received the 2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Paddler of the year in the Junior Female category and fellow Queenslander Daniel Mole in the Junior Male category.  In the Masters category Michael Leverett (VIC) and Cathy Venning (SA) were recipients of the annual award.

Wrapping up a successful event, a special presentation was made to the Organising Committee from Paddle South Australia for organising the venue and hosting the championships.

The National Championships were also a selection event for the 2018 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships to be held in Prado Vile Verde, Portugal from 3 to 9 September 2018 with the team to be announced later this week.

For all results please follow link here.

2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Paddler of the Year

Masters Male – Michael Leverett (Victoria).

Masters Female – Cathy Venning (South Australia)

Open Male – Joshua Kippin (Western Australia)

Open Female – Marlena Ahrens (Victoria)

Junior Male – Daniel Mole (Queensland)

Junior Female – Erin Blanch (Queensland)


2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships Winners: 

Category Winner Winning time
 Open M K1 (30km) Glenn Rypp 2:14:47.5
 Open W C1 (15km) Reka Abraham 1:36:08.7
 Open W K1 (26.25km) Tegan Fraser 2:10:51.5
 U16 M C2 (15km) Arnie Shanahan/Tyler Creed 1:43:20.5
 U18 M K1 (22.5km) Seamus Spanner 1:46:35.7
 U18 W C1 (11.25km) Chloe Jenkin 1:28:01.4
 U18 W K1 (18.75km) Hannah Scott 1:36:28.7
 U23 M K1 (26.25km) Casey Haynes 2:03:31.9
 U23 W K1 (22.5km) Rebecca Mann 1:54:11.9


Category Winner Winning time
 Open M K2 (30km) Koyo Niokio/Glenn Rypp 2:10:00.4
 Open W K2 (26.25km) Isabel Neilson/Rebecca Mann 2:05:16.7
 U18 M K2 (22.5km) Liam Dohnt/Luke Dooley 1:45:12.9
 U18 W K2 (18.75km) Brianna Jones/Hannah Scott 1:33:55.6


 Juniors (U10-U14) Winner Winning time
 U12 Guppy (7.5km) Eva Hosking/Sarah Hardwick 56:14.2
 U14 M K2 (11.25km) Michael Dunbar/Ziko Vesely 1:06:11.5
 U14 M REC2 (11.25km) Bradley Buissink/Maksim Nikolic 1:11:11.7
 U14 W K2 (11.25km) Ava Lund/Stella Hosking 1:05:03.5
 U16 Winner Winning time
 U16 M K2 (15km) Matthew Dunbar/Mitchell O’Loughlin 1:16:50.1
 U16 W K2 (15km) Ellie Johnson/Hannah Lund 1:20:19.2
 Masters (35+) Winner Winning time
 35-39 W K1 (18.75km) Laura Lee 1:41:48.2
 35-39 W K1 No Portage (18 Emma Sirona-Macdonald 1:59:36.9
 35-44 M K1 (22.5km) Brad Hagan 1:46:22.5
 35-44 M SKI1 (22.5km) Thomas Rogan 1:49:53.8
 40-44 W C1 (11.25km) Chau Nguyen 1:45:28.2
 40-44 W K1 (18.75km) Cathy Venning 1:47:08.5
 45-49 M K1 (22.5km) Brett McDonald 1:45:53.7
 45-49 W K1 (18.75km) Fleur Brinkmann 1:52:43.5
 45-54 M SKI1 (22.5km) Gavin Cook 1:53:23.9
 50-54 M K1 (22.5km) Brett Greenwood 1:45:46.7
 50-54 M K1 No Portage (22 David Worthy 1:51:00.3
 50-54 M K1 PARA (22.5km) George Hucks 2:34:09.4
 50-54 M UC1 (18.75km)
 50-54 W K1 (15km) Daniela Amgela Torre 1:24:43.5
 50-54 W K1 No Portage (15 Michele Waldon 1:30:10.2
 50-54 W REC1 (15km) Elizabeth Mitchell 1:56:59.9
 50-54 W SKI1 (15km) Wendy Burdett 1:30:47.3
 55-59 M K1 (18.75km) Mark Lawson 1:35:30.7
 55-59 M K1 No Portage (18 Nick Tucker 1:44:31.8
 55-59 M SKI1 (18.75km) Pieter Boer 1:39:23.7
 55-59 W K1 (15km) Margi Bohm 1:25:54.4
 55-59 W K1 No Portage (15 Maya Elston 1:28:16.3
 55-59 W SKI1 (15km) Jo DAVIS 1:49:15.1
 60-64 M C1 (15km) Roger French 1:59:28.5
 60-64 M K1 (18.75km) Peter Currie 1:33:35.9
 60-69 W K1 (15km) Judy DARBYSHIRE 1:32:16.1
 65-69 M K1 (18.75km) Terry Bolland 1:40:09.5
 65-69 M SKI1 (18.75km)
 70-74 M K1 (15km) Tony Sims 1:36:58.8
 70-74 M UC1 (11.25km) Allan Newhouse 1:18:29.2
 75-79 M K1 (11.25km) Ian Castell-Brown 1:19:43.7
 75-79 M REC1 (11.25km) Phil Dingsdale 1:24:34.2
 80-84 M REC1 (7.5km) Ron Blum 1:36:02.0
 M Paracanoe 1 (15km) Dean Garo 1:25:42.9
 W Paracanoe (15km) Monika Galovic 1:40:27.4


Juniors (U10-U14) Winner Winning time Total racers
 U10 W K1 (3.75km) Scarlett Florisson 33:43.0 1
 U12 M K1 (7.5km) Michael Dunbar 46:01.4 3
 U12 W K1 (7.5km) Eva Hosking 52:33.5 3
 U14 M K1 (11.25km) Tim Hyde 1:00:05.9 8
 U14 W K1 (11.25km) Ava Lund 1:06:28.6 4
 U16 Winner Winning time Total racers
 U16 M C1 (15km) Tyler Creed 1:43:09.7 2
 U16 M K1 (15km) Matthew Dunbar 1:18:45.8 10
 U16 W K1 (15km) Chelsea Beale 1:22:16.1 11
 Masters (35+) Winner Winning time Total racers
 35-39 W REC2 (18.75km) Emma Sirona-Macdonald/Juliet Hare 1:51:34.1 1
 35-39 X K2 (18.75km) Nicole Hammond/Robert Lee 1:42:09.1 1
 35-44 M K2 (22.5km) Darryl Long/Spencer King 1:51:25.4 2
 40-44 M REC2 (22.5km) Greg Litherland/Ttrent Litherland 2:08:40.9 1
 40-44 W K2 (18.75km) Cathy Venning/Jenni Bateman 1:43:19.1 2
 45-49 M K2 (22.5km) Ben Johnson/Brett McDonald 1:44:20.9 3
 45-49 M SKI2 (18.75km) Mario Vesely/Darren Tye 1:29:24.4 4
 45-49 W REC2 (18.75km) Fleur Brinkmann/Leanne McKenzie 1:47:58.3 1
 50-54 M K2 (18.75km) Dominic Scarfe/John Young 1:28:28.6 2
 50-54 M UC2 (15km) Alex Brunacci/Stephen Routley 1:55:15.1 1
 50-54 W K2 NO PORTAGE (15 Jude McMinn/Michele Waldron 1:24:05.0 3
 50-54 W REC2 (15km) Elizabeth Mitchell/Kerry Sax 1:33:58.7 1
 50-54 X K2 (15km) Brett Greenwood/Daniela Torre 1:11:43.6 2
 50-54 X REC2 (15km) David Worthy/Maya Elston 1:14:29.9 3
 55-59 M K2 (18.75km) John Hilton/Mark Lawson 1:28:32.0 3
 55-59 X K2 (15km) David Little/Pauline Findlay 1:18:12.5 2
 60-64 M K2 (18.75km) 1
 60-64 M UC2 (15km) Louka Shopov/Roger French 1:46:53.1 1
 60-64 X K2 (15km) Peter Currie/Tanya Beacham 1:16:07.8 3
 60-64 X REC2 (15km) Maggie Vegh/Steven Vegh 1:24:00.4 1
 65-69 M K2 (18.75km) Ron Clarke/Terry Bolland 1:34:01.9 1
 65-69 X K2 (15km) Ann-Lloyd Green/Geoff Baggett 1:23:24.5 1
 75-79 M REC2 (7.5km) Ian Castell-Brown/Ron Blum 1:02:06.3 1
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