Steve Bird

10th February 2018 Sydney International Regatta Centre Oceania Championships & Grand Prix 2

National Team: Senior / Olympic

DOB: 11/05/1988
Institute/Academy: WAIS
Club: Canning River
Coach(s): Jesse Phillips + Ramon Andersson
Nickname: Birdy

  • How did you get into paddling? I grew up in South Africa where kayaking is offered as a school sport. This would encompass all disciplines of the sport including slalom, white-water, canoe polo and sprint. My Older brother decided to get into it when he got to high school. I really looked up to him, and at the ripe age of 7, shadowed his every move. Really, this is all his fault!
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far? Olympic finalist in London 2012 (6th K2 200m), and Rio 2016 (8th K1 200m).
  • What keeps you busy outside of Kayaking?What is your current Occupation and/or University degree? I am in my 3rd year studying psychology at Curtin University. Outside of that, food and sleep are easily my favourite daily indulgences. Oh, and hanging out with my fiancé…she is the best.
  • Who is the greatest Influence on your career? My family. The amount of unconditional support I get from them is something I always take to the start line.
  • How would your best friend describe you? Laidback, happy and sometimes a bit lame.
  • Do you have any superstitions before a race? Shave my beard.
  • Previous National Teams: South African Junior Marathon Team (2005 + 2006), South African Junior Sprint Team (2005), Australian U23 Sprint Team (2008 + 2009), Australia Senior Sprint Team (2010 – 2016 + 2018)

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International Results


World Cup Series
9th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
17th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Szeged, HUN)


Olympic Games
8th (K1 200m) – 2016 Olympic Games (Rio, BRA)

World Cup Series
19th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Duisburg, GER)
12th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)


World Championships
13th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)
19th (K1 200) – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)

World Cup Series
3rd (K4 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Copenhagen, DEN)
6th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 1 (Montemor-o-Velho, POR)
6th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Copenhagen, DEN)
18th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
24th (K1 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)


World Championships
13th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Moscow, RUS)

World Cup Series
9th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)
10th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Szeged, HUN)


World Championships
10th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Duisburg, GER)


Olympic Games
6th (K2 200m) – 2012 Olympic Games (London, GBR)

World Cup Series
3rd (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Moscow, RUS)
9th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
2nd BF (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)


World Championships
14th (K2 200m) – World Championships (Szeged, Hungary)

World Cup Series
8th (K2 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)
8th (K2 500m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)
9th (K2 500m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)


World Cup Series
2nd (K2 200m) – World Cup 3 (Duisburg, GER)
3rd (K2 500m) – International University Canoe Championships
3rd (K2 200m) – International University Canoe Championships