Steve Bird

10th February 2018 Sydney International Regatta Centre Oceania Championships & Grand Prix 2

National Team: Senior / Olympic

DOB: 11/05/1988
Institute/Academy: WAIS
Club: Canning River
Coaches: Jesse Phillips and Ramon Andersson
Nickname: Birdy

  • How did you get into paddling?
    I grew up in South Africa where kayaking is offered as a school sport. This would encompass all disciplines of the sport including slalom, whitewater, canoe polo and sprint. My older brother decided to get into it when he got to high school. I really looked up to him, and at the ripe age of 7, shadowed his every move. Really, this is all his fault!
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far?
    Olympic finalist in London 2012 (6th K2 200m) and Rio 2016 (8th K1 200m).
  • What keeps you busy outside of paddling? What is your current occupation and/or university degree?
    I am in my third year studying psychology at Curtin University. Outside of that, food and sleep are easily my favourite daily indulgences. Oh, and hanging out with my fiancée…she is the best.
  • Who has been the greatest influence on your career?
    My family. The amount of unconditional support I get from them is something I always take to the start line.
  • How would your best friend describe you?
    Laid back, happy, and sometimes a bit lame.
  • Do you have any superstitions before a race?
    I shave my beard.
  • Previous National Teams:
    South African Junior Marathon Team (2005 + 2006), South African Junior Sprint Team (2005), Australian U23 Sprint Team (2008 + 2009), Australia Senior Sprint Team (2010 – 2016 + 2018)

Instagram: @steve_bird
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International Results

World Cup Series
9th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
17th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Szeged, HUN)

Olympic Games
8th (K1 200m) – 2016 Olympic Games (Rio, BRA)

World Cup Series
19th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Duisburg, GER)
12th (K1 200m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)

World Championships
13th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)
19th (K1 200) – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)

World Cup Series
3rd (K4 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Copenhagen, DEN)
6th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 1 (Montemor-o-Velho, POR)
6th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Copenhagen, DEN)
18th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
24th (K1 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)

World Championships
13th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Moscow, RUS)

World Cup Series
9th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)
10th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Szeged, HUN)


World Championships
10th (K2 200) – ICF World Championships (Duisburg, GER)

Olympic Games
6th (K2 200m) – 2012 Olympic Games (London, GBR)

World Cup Series
3rd (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 3 (Moscow, RUS)
9th (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 2 (Duisburg, GER)
2nd BF (K2 200) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)

World Championships
14th (K2 200m) – World Championships (Szeged, Hungary)

World Cup Series
8th (K2 200m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)
8th (K2 500m) – ICF World Cup 2 (Racice, CZE)
9th (K2 500m) – ICF World Cup 1 (Poznan, POL)

World Cup Series
2nd (K2 200m) – World Cup 3 (Duisburg, GER)
3rd (K2 500m) – International University Canoe Championships
3rd (K2 200m) – International University Canoe Championships

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