The Australian Canoe Marathon Technical Committee and Paddle South Australia look forward to jointly hosting the 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships on 18 and 20 May 2018 at Westlakes, Adelaide, South Australia.

Competition held on 19 and 20 May 2018.

Apart from the date there will be several new changes to the Championships. These are:

  • Introduction of a new integrated registration, race timing and results system.
  • Volunteers and Officials will be able to register through the same system.
  • Introduction of Masters non-selection classes. These classes will not be required to portage.
  • There will be no Main Briefing on the Friday afternoon.
  • Introduction of a revised Team Selection process.

These will be further explained and progressively uploaded to this web page.

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Competitors will need access to a properly fitting life jacket to the 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships.

Organiser’s are currently seeking an exemption to the wearing of life jackets however at this stage it is not a given. Depending on weather and other risk management and safety appraisals, the Competition Committee can direct competitors to wear a life jacket even if an exemption is provided.

As per our safety standards – All competitors under the age of 14 MUST wear a life jacket. It is recommended that competitors who are not strong or confident swimmers should wear a life jacket. The Competition Committee can direct others to wear a life jacket.

Event Safety

  1. The course is on a man made lake. It can be wind affected.  Access to the lake by motorised craft is limited.
  2. The Organising Committee will provide motorised boats to cover the progress of competitors during the competition.
  3. All canoes/kayaks must have sufficient fixed or positive buoyancy to float when filled with water
  4. All boats must display the racing number issued for identification and, if necessary, paddlers must state their number when requested by a Race Official. The racing number is to be displayed in an upright position in a number holder that is securely fastened to the canoe/kayak.
  5. All paddlers must notify a Race Official when withdrawing from a race and hand in their number to a Race Official at the finish line.
  6. When a paddler is in distress, the first paddler(s) on the scene must render assistance. Failure to do so may incur disqualification.
  7. In the case of opposing traffic – KEEP RIGHT

Updated 2 May 2018

Please note the 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Program is subject to change. If any changes occur we will ensure efforts are made for the change to be communicated.

It is the intention of the ACMRTC and the Organising Committee to have a course that is fair to all and one that will hopefully provide a tactical and strategic racing.
It must be noted that this is a preferred course however it is always subject to change and the final course will be dependant on the weather.  The Organising Committee will be monitoring the weather forecasts leading into the championships and will set the course on Thursday 17 May.  State Team Leaders will be briefed on the final course on the morning of Friday 18 May.
The portage is along a sand beach.  The distance is approximately 120 metres.  
Current planning will have the start line move back toward the end of the portage or even further. The finish line is directly in line with the tower at the venue.

The 2018 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships –we want to offer a discount to anyone travelling for the event.  We usually get a number of people staying with us during canoeing events at West Lakes due to our proximity and ability to host trailers.

We’re able to give an uncapped 10% discount to anyone travelling with or for the Championships, including anyone that may want to come early or stay later – just quote the code ABFCLUB10 either online or over the phone.

Hope this helps – good luck with the Championships.


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349 Military Road, Semaphore Park SA 5019
T: 08 8449 7726

The Australian Canoe Marathon Racing Technical Committee (ACMRTC) is seeking nominations for the Canoe Marathon Paddler of the Year in the categories of:
  • Masters Male
  • Masters Female
  • Senior Male
  • Senior Female
  • Junior Male, and
  • Junior Female.
Masters is a paddler who turned 35 or older in the calendar year 1 January to 31 December 2017.
Senior is any paddler including Open age group.
Junior is any paddler who competed in Under 18 during the calendar year 1 January to 31 December 2017.
Nominations are to be forwarded via email to and must include
  • name of nominee
  • affiliated state and / or club
  • category
  • sufficient information, including on and off water achievements in canoe marathon in 2017.

Nomination closing date is Friday 27 April 2018.


The Team Leaders for the respective State Organisations are:


Chris Hurley and Peter Winton
0412 753 112

New South Wales

David Little
0419 246 810


Mark Heggie
0430 366 442


Di Chellew

South Australia

Robert Lee

0417 810 411

Western Australia

Hugh Trivett
0429 499 309