Brigden-Jones wins silver as Australia continues strong performance

    Australia has won a silver medal and recorded three fourth placings on day two of the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup in Belgrade, Serbia.

    Jo Brigden-Jones, in one of her rare forays into the K1 1000, finished second and teammate Cat Macarthur fourth in a tough race.

    “It’s quite painful, but I still like it,” Brigden-Jones said.

    “I can barely stand-up my legs are hurting so much. But it was good, a good challenge for me, good to put myself out there in a new environment.

    “So I really enjoyed it, but I’m hurting now. My leg pain blew up pretty early, and I rely on my legs a lot.”

    Macarthur was happy to have shown strong improvement from one week ago.

    “I’ve learned a lot from doing these 1000’s over the last few weeks,” she said.

    “I really pushed myself quite hard, but I’m dead now. I’ve always struggled with 1000’s not knowing how hard to push and when.

    “I’m really happy with finishing fourth. It’s hard, but I can’t be unhappy with fourth after finishing seventh last weekend.”

    Alyce Burnett finished fourth in her first ever senior K1 500 international final, missing the podium by only a fraction of a second. Her K2 500 teammate, Alyssa Bull, won the B final.

    Bull and Burnett teamed up later in the day to win their K2 semi-final to progress to Sunday’s final.

    Three-time Olympian Ken Wallace and Rio debutant, Jordan Wood, finished fourth in the final of the K2 500.

    “It’s not so much fun getting fourth, but it’s a massive improvement on last week,” Wallace said.

    “We’re learning how to race a bit better as a crew. Last weekend was the first race we’d done together, we’re just progressively getting there, but fourth is still hard.”

    Australia will also have men’s and women’s K4 boats in action on Sunday, Billy Bain will once again contest the final of the K1 500, and Brigden-Jones and Jaime Roberts are in the final of the K2 200.