Susan Seipel

DOB: 4/4/1986
Hometown:  Brisbane
Current place of residence: Gold Coast
Institute/Academy:  QAS
Club:  Brisbane Canoeing Club
Coach(s): Shaun Caven, Guy Power, Andrea King, Erica Hamp

  • How did you get into paddling? I got involved in the sport of Para-Canoe in 2012, after attending a come and try kayaking day with Olympian, Amanda Rankin.
  • What has been your biggest accomplishment in the sport so far? Winning a bronze medal in Para-canoe at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games and winning 3 Gold Medals at the ICF World Sprint Championships.
  • What keeps you busy outside of Kayaking? What is your current Occupation and/or University degree?  Off the water, I spend my time volunteering for the RSPCA Queensland and doing other sports, most recently Para Ice Hockey. I also enjoy wasting time on social media platforms and blogging on my website, when I get inspired.
  • Who is the greatest Influence on your career? In the very beginning my mum got me into sports and then coaches I have worked with over the years have been the greatest influences on my career.
  • How would your best friend describe you? Sporty, easy-going, animal lover, chronically running late, loyal, good at keeping secrets.
  • Do you have any superstitions before a race? Nope, I don’t have any.
  • What is your favourite course to paddle on? Milan, Italy
  • Previous National Teams: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Instagram: @susanseipel.paralympian
Facebook Page: /susanseipel.paralympian

International Results

2nd (VL2 200) ICF Paracanoe Sprint World Championships (Szeged, HUN)
3rd (KL2 200) ICF Paracanoe Sprint World Championships (Szeged, HUN)
2nd (VL2 200) – ICF Paracanoe World Cup (Poznan, POL)
4th (KL2 200) – ICF Paracanoe World Cup (Poznan, POL)

4th (VL2 200) ICF Paracanoe World Championships (Montemor-O-Velho, POR)
6th (KL2 200) ICF Paracanoe World Championships (Montemor-O-Velho, POR)

3rd (VL2 200) ICF World Cup 1 (Szeged, HUN)
4th (KL2 200) ICF World Cup 1 (Szeged, HUN)

1st (VL2 200) ICF World Championships (Racice, CZE)
4th (KL2 200) ICF World Championships (Racice, CZE)

3rd (KL2 200) Paralympic Games (Rio, BRA)
1st (VL2 200) ICF World Championships (Duisburg, GER)
3rd (KL2 200) ICF World Championships (Duisburg, GER)

1st (V1 200) VL2 – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)
3rd (K1 200) KL2 – ICF World Championships (Milan, ITA)

6th (K1 200) TA – ICF World Championships (Moscow, RUS)